Thursday, June 17, 2010

PQR; inspire

PQR; says:
cause ; i wanna know more about you.

- ♥ Stefanie  says:

PQR; says:
you keep alot of stuff to yourself.
your interesting.


I believe that everything has a source of inspiration; something that makes you think. Everything from the way you wash your hair, to the depth of attention you provide your school teacher. It is driven by something. My inspiration expands across many areas of life; from the way a mother handles her brat-of-a-daughter in the shopping isle, to the way the trees blow carelessly in the bittersweet winter wind. People take too many things for granted; including I, but inspiration is the key to life. If you are inspired, you will always be longing to do better at something or to do something differently. This is building your motivation to live; and isn’t it great to live. For everything you do, look for the positive. The positive often reveals true inspiration.

My inspiration to share my writing was the conversation above. PQR, you are inspirational... sometimes (L)

stefanielea. x

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  1. hahaha 'you are inspirational... sometimes' loveee it!
    but he's right you do keep a lot to yourself
    I have find your writing inspirational miss tremble so i think you should apply for this if they take minors