Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time is everything

the days when you wish everything went back to normal are just around the corner...

monday; met this person and lost my breathe
tuesday; my cheeks are sore from that curve on my face
wednesday; i cant wait to see them again
thursday; my heart beats faster everytime i think of them
friday; i cant get this person out of my head
saturday; why the hell didnt i see this coming
sunday; how could i left myself fall this hard, so fast

things end, people change....
when something magical seems only too good to be true, it is.

he took the air i breathed and stole my heart.
i have no idea what happend but we fell apart.
....he left me with a broken heart.
I left my feelings out and closed my eyes; this lesson I learnt hurts inside.
Now, open your eyes and look around; guard your heart with your life and dont look down.
Keep your head up and walk straight ahead, some things in life you have to dread.
"You took the air I breathed, you stole my heart.
I dont know what happened but we fell apart.
You left me with a broken heart."
Greyson Chance

chin up, fly straight

stefanielea. x

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